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Paradigm Shift in Clinical Practice in Oncology

Rapid advances in technology and science are revolutionizing the practice of oncology to improve a patient’s quality of life and survival outcome.  The key underlying driver to this advancement has been the advent of molecular profiling.  Analysis of a patient’s tumor biology including protein pathway analysis is enabling physicians to tailor drug regiments geared to the specific biology of individual patients.

Leading Cancer Centers Opting to Practice Molecular Profile Based Therapy

Thought leaders, in the field of molecular medicine, are applying treatment guided by translational genomics and molecular pathway analysis.  These techniques are already yielding clinical benefits at leading cancer centers such as TGen, Moores Cancer Center and MD Anderson.  For example this approach increased the median survival from 4 years to 20 years for CML (chronic myelogenous leukemia) patients.

Kuveda is on Your Side

Practicing precision medicine based on a patient’s tumor biology requires complex analysis and modeling incorporating big clinical informatics data from diverse patient populations and biological data repositories around the world.  Kuveda provides the infrastructure and the analysis tools necessary to provide you, the oncologist, with a clear understanding of a patient’s molecular profile including highly refined detail of the patient’s biomarkers and protein pathways.  Based on this analysis we provide evidence based treatment options for your consideration.

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